Creating Healthy Workplaces

This month’s ExperienceLife magazine is all about healthy work.

Jeff Klein, founder and CEO of Working for Good, knows a thing or two about creating healthy workplaces. Find out more about Jeff in this behind-the-scences video.

Think you’re too busy to workout at work? Let Go of Excuses! Sure, you’ve got a lot of competing priorities. But taking breaks and working out actually helps you work better!

Pressed for time? Try these workouts that can get you moving quickly and effectively in multiple ways:

What’s for lunch? Here are three great ideas to help you turn a predictable lunch into a healthier, more satisfying meal.

Does your company have a wellness program or other health incentives (such as a gym membership)? If not, share this article with your supervisor, HR department or CEO and tell them all about the profits of a creating and maintaining a healthy workplace.

Healthy, happy, vitalized employees are the key to any workplace!


Heidi Wachter is the Community Engagement Specialist for Experience Life magazine.