101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy app

Ready for your daily dose of health and happiness? Introducing the “101 Ways” mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire!

Let’s face it: In an unhealthy society like ours, being healthy is a revolutionary act! That’s why this app is all about positive change and action toward whole-life vitality.

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Inspired by Pilar Gerasimo’s “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy,” the “101 Ways” mobile app nudges you toward healthier daily choices and attitudes while helping you develop the practical skills and unconventional know-how you need to get and stay strong.

A mashup of the best of Experience Life magazine and RevolutionaryAct.com, this fun app cleverly combines 101 creative healthy-living suggestions with a rich supply of smart, deep, well-researched articles you can peruse at your own pace.

It’s a daily dose of health and happiness, delivered in an enticing, interactive package that appeals to all kinds: men and women, young and old, health-motivated and health-seeking. Kids love it, too!

The ultimate objective: to inspire positive change, spark a healthy revolution, and create a world full of healthy, happy people.

Key Features:

  • “Revolutionary Act of the Day” — a daily nudge of healthy inspiration right at your fingertips on app launch
  •  “Browse” to explore all 101 Ways at your own pace, and then dig deeper into “Learn More” options, if you like
  • “Surprise Me!” and device-shaking capabilities for fun, instant discovery of randomly chosen selections
  • One-touch access to more than 450 hand-selected Experience Life articles — a well-researched healthy-living library packed with everything you need to know, from nutrition and activity to stress management (library is regularly updated with new content)
  • Embedded-Browser Sharing that lets you share Experience Life articles with family and friends via email, or on Facebook and Twitter, without ever leaving the app
  • Dual-orientation on the iPad and on select screens of the iPhone and Android devices
  • One-touch links to ExperienceLife.com and RevolutionaryAct.com for access to a bottomless supply of healthy-living knowledge, resources, tools and motivation.

Check out these “App-colades!”

  • “Want to be healthy? This brilliant free app from the fine peeps at Experience Life & RevolutionaryAct will help you succeed.” — Frank Lipman, MD
  • “My new favorite app: 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy … it’s free in the app store.” — @kenleebow
  • “This app is truly amazing! I already loved Experience Life and the Rev Act site, but this has so much information right on my phone! — Jen Yocum
  • “Awesome #App for a #healthy lifestyle!” — @LAMWellness
  • “I downloaded the “101 Ways” app to my iphone & have been enjoying it! But my true moment of joy was when my 11 year old daughter confiscated my phone in the car over the weekend and began to enthusiastically read through the different ways! Great discussion ensued.” — Leslie Flynn