53. Move Your Body

Every day, every which-way you can, in as many ways as you enjoy. Pursue active passions. Movement nourishes your body, clears toxins, and reduces the inflammation that breeds illness and irritation.

A Strong, Flexible Bond

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Let’s Move

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Ten Acts of Healthy Rebellion

I’m a fan of Rilke’s wise advice to “live in the questions.” But lately, ever since we launched our popular “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy” app, I am getting one question that always leaves me flummoxed: Of all 101 Ways, what’s your favorite?… Read More »

Elena Brower

This former textile designer was playing hooky from her freelance design job when, on a whim, decided to check out a yoga class. Minutes after walking through the door, she knew she had found both a new home and her life’s work… Read More »

Mark Verstegen

Fitness and nutrition tips from Athletes’ Performance, one of the premier sports training organizations. www.coreperformance.com Twitter: @CorePerformance… Read More »

A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

We’re living in a society that is wired up to make us sick, overweight, depressed and stressed out.We can change this mixed-up reality.We can reclaim our well-being and create a better, more blissful world… Read More »

Chris Carmichael

Coach and trainer who has spent more than two decades in the sport of cycling… Read More »

Seane Corn

Known for her dynamic yoga classes that integrate vinyasa flow asana with the application of precise alignment, meditation, visualization and intention… Read More »

Scott Sonnon

Scott Sonnon overcame childhood physical and learning disabilities to become an International Martial Arts champion (in Sambo, Sanshou, Submission Grappling, Sport Jiujitsu, and amateur Mixed Martial Arts) and coach of the USA National Team… Read More »

Jonny Kest

Detroit-based and nationally-recognized, Johnny Kest is a trailblazing Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga instructor with a mission to make yoga inclusive and accessible to everyone by focusing on it as a way of life and path to personal discovery and transformation… Read More »


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Erwan Le Corre

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Hot Sweaty Mamas

Triathletes and authors Kara Douglass Thom and Laurie Lethert Kocanda are on a mission to balance fitness with motherhood… Read More »

The Great Fitness Experiment

Irreverent blogger and author Charlotte Hilton Andersen puts all the talk to the test — on herself… Read More »

Active Life

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