Eat Real

It’s back! October 24, 2012 is Food Day 2012!

Following the success of the first Food Day in 2011 — which united food movement leaders, doctors, nutritionists, labor leaders, environmentalists, farmers, authors, teachers, children and citizens from all walks of life — the call to fix the broken food system is being heard louder than ever.

The message is profoundly simple and one we share at Revolutionary Act: Make real, healthy food affordable, accessible and sustainable.

We know it’s going to take a whole lot of clear-thinking, strong, healthy people to solve the national health crisis. Go boldly forth, RevActivists! Practice Revolutionary Way to Be Healthy #11, Be Part of the Solution by hosting and/or taking part in a Food Day event in your community.

Demand a healthier food system! Connect with and support fellow Food Day supporters online via Facebook and Twitter, post your community event below and don’t forget to include #FoodDay2012 in your tweets.


Heidi Wachter is the Community Engagement Specialist for Experience Life magazine.