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Finding Beauty in Authenticity: A Conversation with Esther Honig

Esther Honig set out to investigate global beauty standards and the results provide insight on just how impossible striving for idealized beauty really is… Read More »


A food start-up with a fresh mission… Read More »

Giving Your Best Gifts to Giving a Voice to Animals

Developing and sharing your best gifts endows you with the enthusiasm and energy to change your life — and the world… Read More »

A Meditation on Nothing

There’s something about the promise of variety, novelty and sheer quantity that appeals powerfully to us… Read More »

Finding the Turnarounds

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my most dearly admired spiritual teachers, Byron Katie. She’s the founder of a four-question method for alleviating suffering called “The Work,” which she teaches around the world to anyone who’s interested — from prisoners on death row to corporate heads to people on both sides of… Read More »

Exercising a Shift

I figured keeping a good attitude about the race would test the commitment I made in 2012 to exercise a shift in perspective and have a more positive attitude… Read More »

Asanas for Change

Yoga is all about accepting and embracing change and creating personal transformation. It’s also about using your personal transformation to see the connections between all things and proceed with engaged action… Read More »

The Case of the Lost Laptop

Every once in a while, I screw up in a way that turns out to be a blessing in disguise… Read More »

Empowering Communities to Envision and Create Change

A great story of successful community organizing… Read More »

Seeds of Revolution

Looking back 10 years from now, I believe we’ll all be struck not so much by how forward thinking and revolutionary these contemporary medical approaches were, but that any of us were ever remotely satisfied with a medical system that did not embrace these self-evident values… Read More »

Eat Real

Food Day 2012 is the perfect day to get — and eat — real… Read More »

Powerful Choices

In my mind, strength isn’t just about the body, though. It’s also about the heart and mind and spirit. And cultivating that kind of strength involves serious training, too… Read More »

Love Your Body Every Day

Let’s use the ideas behind “National Love Your Body” every day to focus on all the amazing things our bodies can do… Read More »

Celebrate Fair Trade Month

One of our goals is to celebrate those who are striving to make healthy changes in the world. We also believe in celebrating what’s good and October is Fair Trade month!… Read More »