56. Stay Strong

More muscle and sinew means more capacity to do anything. Don’t let age, aches and pains, or lack of time be your excuses for abandoning your strength.

“Standing Core Workout”

An excellent workout for your abs that strengthens hip flexors and hamstrings.

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Eric Cressey

A leader in training for impressive sports performance and feats of strength…without the meathead mentality.

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Mike Robertson

Training tips from a top physical therapist and personal trainer.

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Bill Hartman

One of the best physical therapists around talks muscle imbalances and training protocols.

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Nia Shanks

Nia Shanks provides simple, effective techniques for fat loss and strength gains.

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Krista Scott Dixon

Krista Scott Dixon, PhD, escaped academia and now writes about nutrition and fitness.

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Michael Boyle, Med, CSCS

The strength and conditioning coach of the Boston University men’s hockey team and founder of the paid site Strengthcoach.com makes unpopular statements from time to time, but he also tends to be right.

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Robert dos Remedios, CSCS

Robert dos Remedios (or just “Dos”), former NSCA collegiate strength coach of the year, has filled his book, Cardio Strength Training, with fast and furious workouts that build strength and burn fat.

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Rachel Cosgrove

Great advice on getting fit, fast!

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Josh Henkin

Information on using sandbags to improve fitness and prevent injury.

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Stretch Yourself Strong

Tired of the same old stretching routine? Functional Range Conditioning can help you build flexibility, athleticism, and real-world strength in a whole new way.

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The Workout: Train for the Trail

Power up your legs, core, and back before heading out on your next hike.

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Forever Fit

Getting older doesn’t have to mean retiring from your favorite activities and sports.
Here’s your guide for staying fit for life.

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The Forever Athlete

What 95-year-old track star Olga Kotelko can teach us about living and aging well.

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Be Strong

Strength training isn’t just for building muscle anymore: It’s an all-in-one functional-fitness strategy.

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