33. Care Where Food Comes From

Know your food’s history, and you’ll want to consume more selectively. Most factory-farmed and industrially produced foods aren’t all that appetizing once you know their origins.

Equal Exchange

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Celebrate Fair Trade Month

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Equal Exchange

A worker-owned co-op with a distinct mission to challenge the existing Fair Trade model… Read More »

Vanishing of the Bees

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A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

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A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives

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Organic Consumer’s Association

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Farm Together Now: A Portrait of People, Places and Ideas for a New Food Movement

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The Non-GMO Project

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Robb Wolf

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Loren Cordain, PhD

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The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability

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Sustainable Table

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Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit

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