11. Be Part of the Solution

It’s going to take a lot of strong, clear-headed, high-vitality people to solve the world’s problems. Be one of them.

Farm Together Now: A Portrait of People, Places and Ideas for a New Food Movement

Farm Together Now is a portrait of the current state of grassroots farming in the U.S. designed to cultivate a new wave of modern agrarians… Read More »

Vandana Shiva, PhD

Physicist Dr. Vandana Shiva is an internationally renowned environmental and human rights activist… Read More »

Roots of Change

An organization seeks to create a diverse coalition of groups that will work collaboratively to establish and support a sustainable food system in California… Read More »


This participatory research initiative was started by world-renowned physicist, feminist, author and environmentalist, Vandana Shiva, PhD… Read More »


This engaging film grew out of filmmaker Kristin Canty’s difficulty finding safe, healthy food for her four children… Read More »

Seeds of Deception

Are you concerned about the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?… Read More »

Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System For All

Do you think the time is at hand for a systemic, sustainable change to the food system?… Read More »

The Monday Campaigns

Healthy Monday is a public health initiative that encourages individuals to dedicate the first day of every week to preventative health behaviors… Read More »

Common Dreams

Nonprofit, nonpartisan citizens’ organization informing, inspiring and igniting change for the common good… Read More »

Revolutionary Resources

Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act: A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

Read the manifesto that started it all. This 16-page handbook lays out 10 Revolutionary Truths — the basis for a healthy revolution. Introduced as part of Gerasimo’s six-page feature article in the January 2011 issue of Experience Life magazine, it calls for a movement of health-motivated individuals to reclaim their well-being, and in the process, change the world for the better… Read More »

The Food Revolution

A compelling exposé on the weight-loss industry, genetically modified foods and food-related diseases, with tips on how to incorporate healthy alternatives into your diet… Read More »

Environmental Working Group

EWG uses the power of public information to protect public health and the environment… Read More »

It’s Easy Being Green

A nuts-and-bolts guide to tips and resources for greener living… Read More »

No Impact Man

A book and documentary chronicling the Beavan’s family attempt to minimize their environmental impact… Read More »

Fearless Revolution

Promoting a consumer revolution in which we have the power and the tools to reshape the world… Read More »

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Revolutionary Act 11: Be Part of the Solution

It’s going to take a lot of strong, clear-headed, high-vitality people to solve the world’s problems. Be one of them… Read More »

How Real Food Can Help Fight Poverty

U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan explains why food, health, poverty and social justice must be transformed together… Read More »

Building Community: Nine Ways to Connect and Transform

Connect and transform your community with these tips… Read More »

Growing Healthy Kids

Schools with wellness-oriented curriculums teach students how to thrive — and are leading the way for other institutions to start doing the same… Read More »

girl with lunch plate and tray

Can School Lunch Be Saved?

What kids eat at school can influence their eating habits for a lifetime. Here’s how a growing movement is working hard to create healthier school-lunch programs across the country… Read More »