Shaun T.

Shaun Thompson  — better known as Shaun T. — is a staple on late-night television, spiking viewers’ heart rates long after bedtime with his infomercials for workout DVDs like Hip Hop AbsRockin’ BodyInsanity and Asylum. These high-energy at-home routines use a minimum of equipment (often body weight only) and a maximum of positive energy to draw you in and keep you moving.

The 33-year-old former professional dancer has sold 4 million of these workout DVDs and splits his time between New York, Los Angeles and anywhere else he’s asked to deliver his message. The way of Shaun T. has become such a popular group fitness phenomenon that in 2010 he launched S.T.R.I.D.E., his own instructor certification course.

But Thompson’s philosophy stretches beyond fitness; he applies the same energizing principles to all aspects of his life, and encourages others to embrace them, too.

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Twitter: @shaunTfitness