93. Be Responsible for Yourself

Own your decisions and actions, no matter what the circumstances. Refuse to abuse or be abused on any level. See setbacks as learning opportunities.

Finding the Turnarounds

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my most dearly admired spiritual teachers, Byron Katie. She’s the founder of a four-question method for alleviating suffering called “The Work,” which she teaches around the world to anyone who’s interested — from prisoners on death row to corporate heads to people on both sides of… Read More »

The Power of Vulnerability

Shame researcher, Brené Brown, shares insights on the importance of vulnerability in achieving authentic human connection and a fulfilling life… Read More »

Revolutionary Act No. 2: Want to Reduce Stress? Eliminate Annoyances

This January, in honor of my 44th birthday, I resolved to fix, change, organize, replace or otherwise deal with anything that had been driving me bonkers… Read More »

Revolutionary Act No. 1: Exchange Willpower for Willingness

We’ve been taught that following through on new year’s resolutions is all about willpower. But it turns out that willingness may be a far more valuable ally… Read More »

A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

We’re living in a society that is wired up to make us sick, overweight, depressed and stressed out.We can change this mixed-up reality.We can reclaim our well-being and create a better, more blissful world… Read More »

Daniel Goleman, PhD

A leading authority on emotional intelligence… Read More »

Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD

Martin Seligman, PhD is widely considered a founder of “positive psychology.”… Read More »

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson has created a variety of tools to help people lead “an authentically awesome life.”… Read More »

Byron Katie

Byron Katie is creator of “The Work.”… Read More »

The Choice Map

Trying to solve a problem? Switch to asking “learner” questions instead of “judger” questions… Read More »

Margaret Moore

Her “Coach Meg” blog includes 40-minute coaching session podcasts on many aspects of life and well-being along with commentaries on each session and related issues in health and well-being… Read More »

Robin Sharma

Great website offering tips from a leadership expert… Read More »

Live Dynamite

Personal-development program designed to help you “get good at living.”… Read More »

“Your Highest Freedom”

Robin Sharma discusses how to attain your highest freedom… Read More »

“Happiness Guru Dan Buettner’s Life Tips,” Good Morning America

Dan Buettner explains the five areas of your life that you can control to impact your happiness… Read More »

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The Unexpected Gifts of Imperfection

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