48. Don't Believe the Hype

Give up on gimmicks, fads and instant fixes. Most miraculous weight-loss schemes do more harm than good, and yo-yo dieting is a recipe for weight gain.

Ten Acts of Healthy Rebellion

I’m a fan of Rilke’s wise advice to “live in the questions.” But lately, ever since we launched our popular “101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy” app, I am getting one question that always leaves me flummoxed: Of all 101 Ways, what’s your favorite?… Read More »

A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

We’re living in a society that is wired up to make us sick, overweight, depressed and stressed out.We can change this mixed-up reality.We can reclaim our well-being and create a better, more blissful world… Read More »

Experience Life magazine

Experience Life magazine

Our big sister site offers well-researched, no-nonsense articles on whole-life wellness, such as fitness, healthy eating and life wisdom… Read More »

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