23. Eat Fresh

Trade dead, packaged goods for foods that are fresh, alive and full of high-vibe goodness. Figure out where to find them, learn to juice/slice/dice them, and eat them with great pleasure.


A food start-up with a fresh mission… Read More »

Lunch Line

This film provide a great synopsis and history of the National School Lunch program. It also explores its current challenges and opportunities for the future… Read More »

Today I Ate a Rainbow

Founded in 2009 by Kia Robertson and her daughter, Hannah, this group promotes healthy eating habits for kids and their parents… Read More »


A nonprofit with a mission to revolutionize the way we think about food… Read More »

A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

We’re living in a society that is wired up to make us sick, overweight, depressed and stressed out.We can change this mixed-up reality.We can reclaim our well-being and create a better, more blissful world… Read More »

The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!

The latest book by New York Times bestselling author, Mark Hyman, MD, traces the causes of the “diabesity” epidemic… Read More »

Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food

This book is an important collection of farmer, slow food advocate, poet and author, Wendell Berry’s work… Read More »

Robb Wolf

This former weightlifting champion and amateur kickboxer coaches athletes and consults Olympians… Read More »

Loren Cordain, PhD

A leading authority on the evolutionary basis of diet and disease… Read More »

Brendan Brazier

Ironman triathlete and marathoner, Brendan Brazier is one of a handful of professional athletes who eats a 100 percent plant-based diet… Read More »


This website helps consumers find local, pastured products for purchase… Read More »

Forks Over Knives

Is food the best medicine?… Read More »

The Monday Campaigns

Healthy Monday is a public health initiative that encourages individuals to dedicate the first day of every week to preventative health behaviors… Read More »

The Naked Truth Nutritionist

Recommended by three of our Revolutionary readers, “The Naked Truth Nutritionist”—AKA Therese Patterson, NC —is a nutrition and wellness consultant who left her high-stress corporate job to study nutrition… Read More »


This educational initiative aims to spark “food literacy.”… Read More »