101. Pass it On

Pssst! Being healthy is a revolutionary act. The more of us who stand up for our health and happiness, the more power we have to change the world — one person, one life, one small revolutionary act at a time.

One Decade Down, One Revolution Ahead

Ten years ago, I had this crazy idea: I wanted to create a healthy-living magazine with substance – one that would help change people’s lives and maybe even help change the world… Read More »

Join the Healthy Revolution!

There’s strength in numbers. Stand up and be counted as part of the healthy movement!… Read More »

A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

We’re living in a society that is wired up to make us sick, overweight, depressed and stressed out.We can change this mixed-up reality.We can reclaim our well-being and create a better, more blissful world… Read More »

Revolutionary Resources

Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act: A Manifesto for Thriving in a Mixed-Up World

Read the manifesto that started it all. This 16-page handbook lays out 10 Revolutionary Truths — the basis for a healthy revolution. Introduced as part of Gerasimo’s six-page feature article in the January 2011 issue of Experience Life magazine, it calls for a movement of health-motivated individuals to reclaim their well-being, and in the process, change the world for the better… Read More »

Grab a Badge, Spread the Word!

Do you believe “Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act!?” Here’s your chance to share RevolutionaryAct.com on your web site via one of our groovy badges… Read More »